Our professional online mixing service is designed for those groups , bands , musicians and artists, that even having recorded it’s project in its own recording studio, want a totally professional finish to their productions.

Nowadays , more and more musicians, bands and artists, with a not too high investment, can have homestudios or personal recording studios where they can compose, record and arrange their songs and music an take advantage and benefit from an online mixing service like ours, for a professional finish. And thanks to the advancement of digital technology, it is becoming much easier to have appropriate recording equipment to make some really decent takes.
Our Online Mixing service contributes significantly to the get a professional finish of each production.


Mezcla Online

Our mixing room is perfectly built and designed for this purpose and equipped with both analog and digital equipment. Our methodology uses mixing equipment both analog and digital audio equipement and external processors, valves equipment for the warmth that is required for each project and the latest digital technology. With what we can achieve the desired results every mixing process.


Our online mixing service works in a very simple way

  1. Export all the tracks of your song from your favorite DAW
  2. Send all the tracks of each song via  wetransfer, or via dropbox , in a external Hard Drive  or through our own FTP server. It’s very important to include a document telling us what you want to achive, the suond you like and some other requirements your mix should have.
  3. Once your mix is finished, we’ll send it to you to check it out
  4. If you need any changes, just let us know and we’ll introduce your changes in the mix
  5. We’ll finish your mix and well send you all the files processed and finalized.

So simple and so fast you can get your songs mixed in a totally professional way and at a really competitive price.

If you need the audio mastering of your songs too, we can offer a very special price in our mastering service.

For more information about our online mixing service , please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you :)